Dental Emergencies

Dental Emergencies

Emergency Dentist Pasadena, CA

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A dental emergency can happen at any time and completely disrupt your routine. Whatever your emergency is, Fair Oaks Family Dental can resolve those painful conditions and help you get back on schedule. If you have a dental emergency, it is important to get treatment as soon as possible. Early intervention is the key to saving your teeth when the unexpected happens.

If you or a loved one are experiencing a dental emergency, contact us right away!

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Types of Dental Emergencies

You may be wondering if your situation warrants emergency care. If you are experiencing oral pain that impairs the ability to eat, speak, sleep, or go about your day, then it is a true dental emergency. At Fair Oaks Family Dental your comfort and health are very important to us, so contact us if you’re experiencing the following emergencies:

  • Broken Teeth
  • Damaged or Dislodged Fillings, Crowns, and Bridges
  • Dental Infection
  • Advanced Tooth Decay
  • Damaged Dentures

Manage Your Emergency with Self-Care

Before your emergency visit with our Pasadena dental team, take steps to

minimize your discomfort. Manage toothache pain with over the counter aspirin or NSAIDs. Use a cold compress to reduce swelling and inflammation.

If a permanent tooth is knocked out of the socket, rinse in warm water and replace it immediately. This ensures your best chances of keeping it. If your child knocks out a tooth, put it in milk. Although it may not be possible to reattach it, the tooth can be used to make a temporary replacement.

When teeth are broken or fractured, the exposed area can be sensitive or cause discomfort. You can use dental wax to cover sharp edges and take pain medication if necessary. Try to avoid chewing in that area and be sure to collect all pieces and fragments for possible reattachment.

Is it a Dental Emergency? Contact Fair Oaks Family Dental

Our team is ready to address any problems you have by providing personalized treatment and a gentle touch. It is our mission to deliver rapid relief and a long-term solution when dealing with dental emergencies and to restore your smile to its full strength and beauty.

CALL US:(626) 449-3700

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