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A beautiful smile supports healthy self-esteem and a high quality of life. Achieve your dream smile with cosmetic services from Fair Oaks Family Dental. Our multi-specialty team of dental professionals will use all available resources to give you the healthiest, most beautiful smile possible. We offer the following cosmetic services:

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Makeover Your Smile with Veneers

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If you have one or more cosmetic issues, porcelain veneers are a great way to transform your smile quickly. Alignment issues, uneven spacing, and deep staining can all be corrected with personalized veneers. Whether you choose traditional porcelain or a low to no-prep alternative, all veneers operate on the similar concept of covering the tooth with a thin, customized shell. This shell is fabricated to create a more unified appearance and a more aesthetically pleasing smile.

The application of veneers can usually be completed with just two office visits and last for up to ten years with proper care. Veneers require preparation of the original tooth, so the fit precisely and look perfect. As an alternative, we also offer no-prep veneers to qualified patients. This option leaves the enamel intact, making the treatment reversible if the patient wishes to remove them later and receive a different treatment such as orthodontics or crowns.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Almost every smile can benefit from professional teeth whitening. Whether you’re going for dramatic results to or a subtle enhancement, our team can deliver your ideal whitening results. We can provide whitening treatment in our office, or you can choose the take-home option which lets you brighten your teeth with professional-grade products from the comfort of your home.

Enhance Your Smile with Cosmetic Treatment from Fair Oaks Family Dental

Our gentleness, thoroughness, and personable approach sets us apart and ensures you receive exceptional service. We are passionate about improving the aesthetics and function of your smile using modern techniques and a commitment to excellent care. Contact us today to schedule a comprehensive evaluation.


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