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The Importance of Regular Dental Cleanings & Exams

Dec 14 • 1 minute read

Keeping regular dental appointments for teeth cleanings are essential for removing plaque and bacteria from between teeth and below the gum line. The team at Fair Oaks Family Dental are experts when it comes to helping patients achieve bright smiles that will last a lifetime.

Our preventive approach emphasizes education and routine cleanings, minimizing health concerns before they can grow too advanced. We offer professional dental cleanings for patients of all ages. Our team treats every patient with respect and kindness, and our office environment is very lighthearted.

Enjoy a Brighter, Fresher Smile

Professional cleanings help prevent and remove stains on your tooth enamel. Even with a consistent oral health care routine at home, you can only floss and brush enough to remove surface debris and the top bio-film layer. A professional dental cleaning goes where your toothbrush can’t, keeping your teeth vibrant and strong.

Prevent Decay & Tooth Loss

Bacteria found in plaque is the number one contributor to tooth decay. It presents as a yellow, clear film on teeth and slowly eats away at your tooth’s enamel due to its acidity. Cavities will form when plaque is left behind, especially in crevices and in between teeth. Routine cleanings help to remove the build-up of plaque and allow the dentist to check for early signs of cavities.

In adults, untreated gum disease is a major contributor to tooth loss. Plaque removal is a key component to prevent gum disease. As ignored plaque moves further along your teeth, and under the gum line, it leaves the jaw bone susceptible. Once the bacteria start to attack the bone, teeth may become loose and eventually fall out. Good daily hygiene habits and regular professional cleanings can help reduce the damage to your dentition.

Save Time and Money in the Long Run

Preventive dentistry is the number one way to help limit costly procedures. By keeping up on your oral health, you can catch dental issues in the early stages and can get them taken care of with less invasive treatment at a more affordable cost.

Friendly reminders and convenient scheduling from Fair Oaks Family Dental make your regular exams and cleanings a pleasant experience. Call our Pasadena dental practice and begin your journey to optimal oral health today.

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